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Included in this price:

- D-BOX (the system you will choose in the dropdown)

- ASR6 (any color)

- Monitor stand

- Advanced sports seat

- Cable clips

- All necessary hardware to mount D-BOX

- Powerbar hidder

- D-BOX laser-cut platform to mount ACM's


For over a decade, D-BOX has been an active part of the ever-evolving racing simulation industry. In that time, we have become the standard for manufacturers, consumers and end-users who require a realistic race experience that meticulously recreates the unmistakable feeling of what it’s like to sit behind the wheel of a high-powered vehicle. What follows is information, statistics and background on our immersive motion technology and our company.




High-Powered Entertainment – Amplify a game’s entertainment factor by giving racing fans the ultimate in real-time tactile feedback. It’s the closest thing they’ll get to sitting behind the wheel of the world’s most powerful race cars and feeling the road at breakneck speeds.


Signature Technology – Movements, vibrations and textures are the three key components that create a true-to-life experience in a racing simulation chassis. Our technology can generate over 65,000 different motion cues to replicate the extremely subtle details of real racing action.


Meticulous Synchronization - Our motion systems are reliable, accurate, dependable and most importantly, perfectly synchronized with the in-game action and physics.


Dynamic Precision - With a D-BOX motion system, drivers can wrap their hands around an incredibly powerful and reliable simulator that responds precisely to any in-game situation. The experience features subtle cues based on pavement variations, vehicle physics, acceleration, deceleration, braking, cornering, suspension feedback, traction, weather conditions and speed. All of it delivered with surgical precision.


Enhanced Performance - D-BOX is synonymous with cutting-edge research and development aimed at creating the most precise simulation experience on the market. This expertise enables professional and amateur drivers to improve their performance and provides gamers with the pinnacle of interactive experiences. Here are some of the key racing-related benefits that come with owning a D-BOX-powered racing simulator:


Enhanced physical cues to deliver a competitive advantage

Professional-grade training experience that can translate to on-track performance

Track layouts and true precision to maximize knowledge and reflexes

Car setups that can be fine-tuned and tested in real time

Various weather conditions to understand how they affect traction control


Unsurpassed Realism - Using precise motion and vibrations, our motion system generates physical cues that are both critical in car driving simulation and unparalleled in the market. The motion is so reflective of the real thing that you literally feel like you’re the driver of the car. It’s a whole new level of innovation that helps drivers maintain their competitive edge and up their game.


Key Component - No matter how great your sound system is or how effective your wheel & pedals are, a complete racing simulator requires one key component to complete your racing simulation & gaming experience; a finely-tuned, industry-leading motion system from D-BOX.


Built-In Compatibility - Our seamlessly integrated motion technology is compatible with an ever-expanding library of AAA racing and gaming titles right out of the box. D-BOX is the only company on the market to offer a motion system that is approved and certified by major game development studios, such as with Codemasters, Slightly Mad Studios, Turn 10 Studios, Kunos Simulazioni, Motorsport Simulations, Bigben Studios and much more.


Flexible Motion Tuning – D-BOX provides a motion profile that works great with the vast majority of compatible racing titles. Through Game Center’s intuitive interface with various intensity sliders, users can finely tune their motion experience by creating custom profiles based on available games. Motion adjustments and configuration options vary according to the telemetry data available in compatible games.


Better VR Experience - The D-BOX motion system delivers the perfect synchronisation of content and movement which considerably reduces the likelihood of motion sickness when racing in VR. What’s more, your eyes and body receive the same information, so it maximizes the feeling of presence and immersion in the game.




Easy Integration - Thanks to countless years of research and development, our product suite offers a low-footprint, compact solution that seamlessly integrates into many types and configurations of racing simulation chassis.

Competitive Edge – By offering your customers the option to purchase a racing simulation chassis equipped with D-BOX motion technology, you acquire instant credibility as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end simulation products. Nothing quite compares to the complete motion experience provided by D-BOX.


Perfect Balance - Finding the right balance between a fun and effective experience is a common challenge. On one hand, costly and thrilling devices are stimulating and exciting but have the tendency to shake pilots like they’re on a theme park ride. On the other hand, traditional simulators are missing the finesse and precision needed to feel the ground as you drive, diminishing the experience. D-BOX has developed a system that balances the triad of cost, thrill & performance, making it the best way to increase the adoption of motion in racing simulation.


Support and partnership - Racing simulation manufacturers can rely on project management and engineering support for the development of all new products. We also provide live troubleshooting support (7 days a week) from our head office, technical documentation and information, plus joint marketing initiatives and communications from the D-BOX marketing group.


A Promise of Quality - Our motion system stems from decades of simulation engineering in high-tech fields such as heavy vehicle simulation, construction equipment simulation, theme park rides and cinematic entertainment experiences. In fact, when it comes to racing and driving simulation, we apply the very same level of engineering precision to deliver the highest level of immersiveness.


Proven Reliability - Our engineers have designed quality products that are built for long-term reliability, durability and ever-lasting performance. Our systems are developed and thoroughly tested to operate in all conditions and environments without fault, ensuring client satisfaction and the long-lasting operation of your motion-powered racing simulator.


Incredible Flexibility – The D-BOX Game Center allows manufacturers to create specific motion profiles for each pre-installed game which provide optimal calibration based on how the chassis relays feedback from the actuators. D-BOX also provides a default profile that is designed to work perfectly with a majority of chassis configurations.


Our Commitment to Compatibility - Through an established partnership with most major game studios, D-BOX is the only company to provide motion based on fully integrated code. This code communicates directly with the game engine to extract precise telemetry and physics data. Our aim is to expand the library of compatible games for years on end, ensuring that your customers’ motion-powered chassis will remain compatible with all the latest titles.




Get into pole position with D-BOX

Realistic. Innovative. Totally Immersive: The evolution of simulation

Professional-grade technology for gamers seeking the ultimate motion-powered racing simulation experience.

Taking racing simulators to a whole new level

Immerse yourself in the power of D-BOX

Experience the thrills of real racing

Simulation doesn’t get more real




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USB Controller (KCU) – This reads incoming motion code from the game, decrypts it and sends the signal to the Actuator Control Module (ACM)


Actuator Control Module (ACM) – This reads the signal received from the USB controller and sets the motion and vibrations for each distinct actuator.


Actuator - A patented mechanical-electrical ball screw system that generates the signature D-BOX motion. Available in three travel ranges: 1½-inch, 3-inch and 6-inch. For additional technical information, please refer to D-BOX specification sheets.

Configuration and Options - In an optimal 4 vertical actuator configuration, our innovative hardware design delivers three degrees of movement freedom and integrates a wide variety of vibrations and textures. The D-BOX motion solution can support up to 6 degrees of movement freedom; Additional configurations can be provided upon request.


Driver Suite - D-BOX Motion Engine, our proprietary driver suite, allows raw information and telemetry from video games to be transformed into precise motion cues within 30 milliseconds. What you get is a realistic experience that perfectly matches the vehicle’s physics.


User Interface - D-BOX Game Center is the launcher that enables motion on compatible games. It also lists new titles that are compatible with our motion technology. Game Center is required to download and install new motion codes for compatible games.

Support – Our market-leading motion system is both easy to manage and simple to operate. Because our customers are important to us, we also provide detailed technical documentation and live support seven days a week.




What we do

D-BOX redefines and creates realistic, immersive entertainment experiences by moving the body and sparking the imagination through motion. This expertise is one of the reasons why D-BOX has collaborated with some of the best companies in the world to deliver new ways to enhance great stories. Whether it’s movies, video games, virtual reality applications, themed entertainment or professional simulation, D-BOX will make sure, you feel it all.



Who we are

D-BOX is the pioneer and a world leader in immersive, high-definition motion experiences.

Started in 1998 by a group of young engineers, musicians who had a powerful desire to change the way people enjoy their movies, play video games or race on a motion simulator.

D-BOX is a Montreal-based, 100% Canadian company.

D-BOX manufactures its products in Canada with the highest degree of care and precision.




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