ASR 6 - ROYAL BLUE (PRE-ORDER) shipping April 16

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Only 5 available for now.

Why BLUE is more expensive than grey? - The Poweder-coat cost 9X more than the white or dark grey.

*IF you are planning to buy many items in blue such as the rig, the monitor stand, the keyboard, please send us an email so we can quote you on a full blue combo.

The ASR6 Is made with 6" aluminum.

Powder coated in white for maximum scratch rigidity.

It's solid enough to accommodate any type of direct drive wheelbase you can find on the market right now.

The 6" aluminum will give you more height and stability over the ASR3.

The extruded aluminum will let you adjust your cockpit in multiple positions to make sure you are comfortable.

Your pedals will be fully adjustable in height, angle, and position depending on your comfort.

This sort of adjustment is also available for your wheelbase.

ASR6 is our pride and joy. We took the time to develop it and we feel it's comparable or better than the competition right now.


Base: 6″ x 1″-1/2

Side mounts: 4″-1/2 x 1″-1/2

Base size: 50″ x 22″

Pedal plate: 3/16 Solid steel 

Wheel mount: 1/4 Solid steel

Comes in three options:

- Standard wheel deck


Fanatec DD side mount

- Simucube front mount


If you still have some questions send us an email at

OR just come on Facebook and send us a private message. We'll be answering your question in a timely manner.



Wheel mount:

  • All current FANATEC
  • All current Thrustmaster
  • All current Logitech
  • All current Simucube
  • All Current Accuforce
  • Simagic

Pedal Mount:

  • All current FANATEC
  • All current Thrustmaster
  • All current Logitech
  • All Heusinkveld
  • More